AEON Bank Foreign Exchange Machines

You can use an Aeon Bank foreign exchange machine to exchange foreign currency left over after overseas travel.
You’ll find it convenient to be able to exchange currencies quickly by means of simple touch screen operation, without needing to fill out any forms.

Accepted Currencies (when exchanging foreign currency into Yen)

US Dollar, Chinese Yuan, Euro, Korean Won, Hong Kong Dollar, Taiwan Dollar, Thai Baht

Branches and Hours

Aeon Mall Tokoname

  • Aeon Mall Tokoname 1F Turist Counter(10:00~21:00)

Aeon Mall Makuharishintoshin

  • GrandMall 2F Kurashi no MoneyPlaza(10:00~22:00)

Aeon Mall Narita

  • AeonMall Narita AeonBank(10:00~22:00)

Aeon Laketown

  • Laketown mori 1F Kurashi no MoneyPlaza(9:00~22:00)

Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom

  • Aeon Mall Rycom 3F AeonBank(10:00~22:00)
  • Aeon Mall Rycom 2F Side of Chuo Escalator (9:00~22:00)

(2017 10 1)

Foreign Exchange Rates

Check individual foreign exchange machines for applicable foreign exchange rates.

User Precautions

  • *The maximum amount that can be exchanged in one transaction is about the equivalent of 100,000 JPY.
  • *Coins cannot be exchanged.
  • *Not all bills from compatible currencies can be used.
  • *Bank charges for transactions are included in the exchange rate.
  • *Foreign exchange rates vary on a daily basis. Please check the foreign exchange machine for the rate at which your transaction will be completed.
  • *The foreign exchange rates used by the machine are updated on weekdays at about 10:00 am.
  • *Different foreign exchange machines may use different exchange rates.
  • *Customs procedures are required when taking more than ¥1 million in cash out of Japan or when bringing more than ¥1 million in cash into Japan.
  • *Due to local regulations and the situation in different countries,it may be necessary to declare the possession of cash,etc. when entering or leaving a country.
  • *In the case of a sudden change in exchange rate,acceptable currencies and bank charges may be altered without prior notice.
  • *Foreign exchange service is not available in AEON Bank Branches.